Mold On Pizza For Android – An Extremely Cute Action – Adventure Game


Mold On Pizza by BTNcafe is an extremely cute action/adventure game which tell the story of a Mold named Pang that has been attracted by the scent of pizza and has fallen in love with it. Just like any other love story Pang has found his challenges in the form of Preservatives which would not allow Pang to occupy the Pizza. The player is taken on an epic journey to help Pang defeat the Preservative and occupy the Pizza. The game does offer a lot more than just cute characters and an extensive story.

Content And Features:

Mold On Pizza has tons of content to offer and hours of game play for its players. To start with Mold on Pizza has an extensive and an indulging story-line along with difficult boss battles against preservative troops. The game comes with  great level of customization with both characters and to build the troops. The game also offers more than 190 levels and more than 50 kinds of cute looking characters. Mold On Pizza, apart from the main story also has up to 8 different mini-games to offer to the players and keep them occupied. The game also gives the players incentives in the form of Pickles and Topping Slots that will help make the character stronger over time. Mold On Pizza also has a great multiplayer if the players are looking to test their skills against others players in the PvP or play the game using Google TV’s Co-Op features.


Display And Appearance:

Mold On Pizza offers some great graphics behind the game. The game does take up a lot of space and does consume a lot of battery but offers equally great display. The battles offers great dynamic motions and evenly matched colors to entice the players to play some more. The animations look like they can use some work but so far it’s not that bad either. The cut-scenes look like a lot of work has been put on them but still seem pretty sketchy and a little old styled. On the good side, each level looks like they have been designed with a lot of thoughts and patience and are uniquely made. All the elements are evenly balanced out around the screen and the HUD also looks pretty neatly placed.


The Verdict:

Overall Mold On Pizza feels like a really good game keeping in mind if you have a phone good enough to run it. The game does consume a lot of battery but given the level of graphics and attention to detail makes it definitely worth while. The game has a great level of game play and an even better level or replayability. The online feature definitely tops it off and the multiplayer works like a charm. The game works just fine with the game-pad. The game is priced at $1.99 but this is definitely worth the money.


The game is priced at $1.99, Official Download.

TheAppleGoogle Rating : 4.8/5



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