Apple iPhone SE Costs $169 To Build

iPhone SE

Apple, a few weeks ago announced the cost efficient iPhone, the Apple iPhone SE. Little do the users know that the same iPhone is also cost efficient for Apple. According to a report formed by the research firm IHS, it roughly costs around $160 for Apple to build and assemble an iPhone SE. Yes, that’s correct. The phone that sells for $399 costs the company roughly $160 to build.

The people at IHS opened up the iPhone SE to prepare a bill for materials and components to figure an estimated cost of building and assembling the iPhone SE. The firm conclusively mentioned in the report that the device costs $160 (INR 10,600) to assemble. This is approximately 1/3 of the amount at which Apple sells the device to its users which is priced at $399 (INR 39,000).

The bill mentioned that the Corning Gorilla Glass display and the Touch Sensors costs the company roughly $20 (INR 1,330), which surprisingly is half the cost of the iPhone 5s.

According to Re/code, Apple has multiple vendors to source their display panels including Japan Display and Sharp. The report from IHS also notes that though Apple is using the same Qualcomm chips as in the iPhone 6, it has been modified and optimized for maximum cost and performance efficiency.

iPhone SE

It was also quite interesting to know that the 64 GB variant of the iPhone SE which sells at $499 only costs $170 to build and assemble. That is only $10 more than the 16 GB variant. The analysts at IHS believe that Apple wants users to go for the 64 GB variant as the profit margin for that device  is much great than the 16 GB variant.

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