Apple iPhone Sales Faces Another Decline

iPhone 2

Apple’s Inc suffers yet another blow as statistics show that the iPhone estimates have been lowered yet again. This time due to a weak chip outlook by supplier Qualcomm.  A good number of reports may suggest that Apple may face its first consecutive year of decline in iPhone sales when they submitted their annual second-quarter earnings.

Qualcomm, the company that supplies chips to both the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 7 reported a 19% decrease in chip shipment. This indicates a decrease from 13% to 22 % for the chip manufacturing company. This boldly indicates that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s are facing a tough time in sales. The iPhone SE which was released earlier this year is also suffering from weak sales resulting in an overall plummet for Apple in the fiscal year 2016.

Raymond James , the Financial Company, in a report suggested that Apple iPhone 6 sales have been dropping constantly and the new 4-inch Apple iPhone SE isn’t doing as well as expected.

iPhone 1

This quarterly weakness is impacting overall sales for Apple in 2016 including the estimates as well. This will result in Apple facing its first-ever decline in fiscal-year iPhone unit sales. Raymond James which is now expecting a 212 million units sales figure for fiscal 2016 instead of the 231 million sales achieved last year.

On the other hand the new MacBook has shown some interesting numbers in terms of sale. How badly this would affect Apple? Would Apple be required to upgrade their existing line-up to pick up the pace? Only time can tell.

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