Apple Turns 40 – Continues Killing It


On April 1st 2016, Apple inc turned 40 years old. Yes, that’s correct, the tech giant from Cupertino, California along with all their employees are having the biggest birthday party of the year, celebrating Apple’s 40th birthday. On 1st April 1976, three men namely, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs revolutionized the computing industry by co-founding Apple Computers, now Apple Inc by introducing their first computer Apple 1 in 1976.

After Apple 1 in 1976, things went uphill for Apple as over the next few years they came up with some ground-breaking designs and gadgets. It was only in 1983 when Apple introduced Apple Lisa, Apple’s first computer with an integrated screen but costing nearly $10000 back then and followed by lineup of Apple’s Portable Computers.

Since then and now Apple has come with some amazing ideas and gadgets that have helped them achieve the position at which they stand tall and proud today. You can check the video below to see the history behind Apple since they day it was founded till today.

One can comfortably say that this epic journey has been nothing less than a “Rollercoaster Ride” for Apple. Some controversies and some disappointments were definitely in store for them but this should also be seen as an example on how Apple Inc has recovered from that and is still one of the best tech company out there today.

On behalf of the entire TheAppleGoogle team, I would like to congratulate Apple on achieving this milestone and completing 4 decades of dominance in the entire Computing Industry.

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