WhatsApp Adds Attachment Support For Documents

WhatsApp LogoWhatsApp has finally updated the App for users to attach and share documents through the App itself. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging the service which has a little over a billion users, launched a new update today which allows the user to attach documents and share it with other users, a feature that has been on the waiting list for a while now. The feature works on similar lines across Android and iOS. On Android, the user needs to tap on the “Attachment” icon and select documents. You can also note that to make space for the “document” icon, WhatsApp has compressed the “photo” and “videos” option in to the “camera” option. On iOS, you tap on the arrow icon in the chat and then select “Share Document” from the menu that appears.

The user has the ability to share documents from the phone along with using some popular cloud storage platforms like DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive etc. The only drawback to this is that for now the file type has been limited only to PDF. In most cases, WhatsApp won’t even display the other files to limit user confusion.

Another important thing is that both users (sender and receiver) need to be updated to the latest version of WhatsApp to avoid an error message saying “The document cannot be shared with the receiver because the receiver is on a version of WhatsApp that does not support documents”. Also, it has to be noted that this feature is not yet available on the Windows Phone. WhatsApp also recently announced that they will be stopping support for Nokia and Blackberry devices.

If the document is shared successfully, the user would receive a preview of the file and upon tapping would open the document in full screen.

This update is definitely a step in WhatsApp’s game to improve business functionality of the 1 billion plus users despite limited to only PDF. The best part above all is that since WhatsApp has been invested in end-to-end encryption, even these shared documents will be protected.

You can always download the latest version of WhatsApp from the below link.

Official Download for iOS

Official Download for Android

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