Move As CubyCube Wants You To – An Exciting Game for iOS (REVIEW)

CC1CubyCube is a recently launched motion sensor game by Lamayon Games. Though fairly new, this game has stirred quite a few heads in a way that this game will not only challenge your brains, it will also challenge your temper as you will notice that to make the game move like you, you need to move like the game. The game is entirely motion based and you would have to turn, flip, rotate your phone accordingly if you have to move forward in this game. The game tests the full potential of the Gyroscope system which is present on Apple devices.


Content and Features:

The game in its essence is based on a retro-arcade theme that is powered by the latest iOS physics engine. CubyCube takes the 4D definition to a whole new level as players are expected to move along the game and twist and turn their phones as they advance through the levels. The game offers close to about 30 levels both unique and challenging. The game play is very smooth and enticing as the speed of the game constantly changes as the players progress and adapt to their own playing style. The game is free of tapping, switching, clicking etc and offers hours of entertainment to all kinds of players from all age groups. CubyCube is also completely ad free and there are no In-App purchases required.


Display andĀ Appearance:

The game has a very advanced user interface and requires some getting used to before a player can fully understand the do’s and dont’s of the game. The colors palette used to create this game is very bright and mesmerizing. The colors, swirls, explosions and animations seem extremely satisfying and encouraging players to keep playing till their batteries drain out which could be a while as this App goes easy on that. CubyCube offers one of the best graphics I have seen in a while and add to that the encouraging sounds and background music to keep the players on their toes at all times.


The Verdict:

Overall, this game is really fun once you understand the mechanics behind it. CubyCube guarantees hours of fun and excitement and is great stress buster from a hard day of work. The game has a great replay ability and the players have all the freedom they need to go about it. One thing needs to be noted is that this game is not a couch game and would require some movement to completely enjoy it.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 5/5

CubyCube is available to download from the iTunes App Store and costs $0.99

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