We Are Waiting – WhatsApp For Apple Watch


The social messaging platform recently acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has been one of the top players in the App industry for quite some time now. It’s really surprising how they don’t have a native WatchOS App for the much applauded Apple watch yet.

Apple’s wearable technology, the Apple Watch is known for its ability to receive and respond to notifications in an instant without having to reach your pockets for your iPhone. Facebook Messenger was updated with a native Apple Watch App in October that allows users to send and receive voice clips, Likes, stickers and more through it. However, no such update has been made by the Facebook-owned, WhatsApp.

Even though WhatsApp messages do show up on the watch (you can read who it’s from and the text too, unless it’s long), just like any other notification. You can’t send a reply, see pictures, or listen to audio through it, which is quite a deal breaker. What’s the point owning an Apple Watch when you can’t reply to your WhatsApp messages through it or using WhatsApp to connect with people if you can’t reply to messages through the Apple Watch adorning your wrist?


We are really hoping that the developers are working on an update of WhatsApp’s iOS version that will finally add Apple Watch support.

What are your thoughts?

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