Peace Of Mind – An Extremely Powerful Ad Blocker (REVIEW)


These days, the only problem with the internet is the vast number of advertisements you get on the way. Be it browsing, downloads or an application; Ads find their way towards your device. There are billions of nerves in a human body and these advertisements manage to get on every single one of them.

Well, no more. Peace of Mind – Ad and Content Blocker has taken it up as mission to make our lives a little more peaceful by blocking these ads and related content. So without wasting any more time, lets get to know this App a little better.


Content and Features:

The App does exactly what it say, it’s an ad blocker that makes browsing a much smoother experience. The App has a fairly simple setup process and can be activated by the three main toggle switches. Through these switches you can activate/deactivate various services that may help you save on bandwidth and resist tracking.

Apart from these, you can choose Soft, Medium and Hard settings which will optimize the App accordingly. The App also has an “Advanced Settings” option to set specific rules that the App needs to follow. The App has about 45,000 rules you can specify to it function as per your liking. You can also use the “White List” page to exempt certain websites from the rules.


Display and Appearance: 

The App has a fairly simple and easy-to-navigate user-interface. Very neatly presented and it doesn’t look cluttered at all. The options and commands are nicely spaced out with a brief of what it does in an understandable font. The color palette is also optimized to go easy on the eyes and the App doesn’t drain much battery.


The Verdict:

Overall this App does exactly what it promises and delivers Peace of Mind. The cost of this App is rightly set to $1.99 and we can say it’s worth every penny.  With this you can browse the internet and not be worried about adverts that may disrupt whatever you are doing.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5

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