Apple’s iTunes Match And Music Library Gets A New 100k Limit


iCloud2As an Apple user, you will now be able to save up to 100,000 songs on your cloud, which is much more than the earlier 25,000 limit. Apple has raised the limits on iTunes Match and Apple Music library for matched songs to 100,000 songs.

You can now enjoy the benefits of matching songs in the iTunes Cloud to make them available on all your devices even if you have a large library. Matching songs is a great alternative for people who don’t own a 64 GB or 128 GB iPhone model as they can offload local music storage to the cloud.

iCloud Music Library access is available through either Apple Music or iTunes Match. Both these services offer the same match or upload music locker feature.


Earlier this year, Apple’s Eddy Cue revealed on Twitter that they have been working on increasing the matching limit for iOS 9. However, back in September when iOS 9 was released, this increase was not seen.

Almost three months after the iOS 9 launch, users now finally have the 100k limit they were promised. A number of users have noticed this change. Cue also confirmed this news, however, Apple hasn’t updated its support page on uploading music about the new introduction.

Apple will soon also be launching a support for Sonos home speakers. The Apple Music’s Sonos support feature is expected to launch in early 2016.


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