Apple Maps Now Used 3 Times More Than Google Maps On iOS

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When Apple launched its Map service back in 2012, it was quite the disaster. It had many major issues including inaccurate directions, wrongly labelled landmarks and 3D rendering problems. In fact, Tim Cook himself wasn’t very pleased with this service.

Ever since then Apple has been putting in a great deal of efforts to improve their Maps service and these efforts have finally paid off. A recent report by Associated Press states that Apple Maps is now used three times more than its “next leading competitor” on iPhone and iPad, with more than 5 billion map-related requests every week. The “next leading competitor” obviously being Google’s Map service.

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Apple’s marketing VP said, “We are fast learners and we are fast at fixing things. He added, “We learned the maps business incredibly fast.”

Apple Maps has become a big hit as it integrated with other third-party services such as Yelp or the Starbucks App. Apple also recently introduced transit directions in iOS 9 covering buses, trains, subways and other public transportation alternatives.

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However, in the entire market, Google is still number one. Google’s Map service reportedly had almost double the users as Apple Maps in October of this year. Mainly because Google Maps is supported on both iOS and Android while Apple Maps is limited only to Apple devices.

As Apple continues to improve its Map service, the likelihood of them overtaking Google’s service someday wouldn’t be much of a surprise.


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