MacBook Air To Get A Facelift

Air 1

According to a report from the Economic Daily, Apple is preparing a completely redesigned version of the MacBook Air for its launch in June. The launch is expected to take place at Apple’s annual WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) and rumors have it that the MacBook Air is getting a major face lift.

The Apple MacBook Air hasn’t seen any major redesigns since its launch in 2010 but nonetheless stands tall and broad as a great Lightweight Ultra portable. So yes, the much loved ultra book that literally re-invented the product¬†category desperately needs an upgrade.

air 2

The major upgrade reportedly includes improved batteries, chassis and cooling modules and yes there is a variant with a bigger 15 inch display in the works as well. Manufacturing will be driven by Quanta, a Taiwanese original design manufacturer (ODM) and prices are expected to go up; similar to what happened with the iPhone 6s

Also, the report indicates that Apple may cancel the 11 inch lineup entirely and make the 13 inch as the base model with the 15 inch being the bigger variant. But the tech giant has not confirmed anything as of yet.

We will update you as we learn more about this. Till then you can check the MacBook Air at the official Website .



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