Vine Rolls Out Its App For The Apple Watch


After almost 6 months of work, Vine has finally launched its App for the Apple Watch. You can now watch those short looping videos from the featured categories (Music, Comedy, Sports, and others) or the ones you have marked as Favourite on your wrist.

You can also add complications to set your total loop count by tap-holding on the display to choose a watch face, choosing the one that includes the complication, and then tapping on Customise. Under the option, you can select the place where you want to see the account loops and browse the options until you reach Vine.

The Vine App for the watchOS, however, does not work as good as its App for iPhone. It has a few drawbacks, it does not play videos automatically, the videos load relatively slow and the audio gets out through the watch’s built-in speaker.

Vine on Watch

The App for the Apple Watch that was to be said to under development since June, when it was first demonstrated on stage during an Apple event, was released yesterday. Vine has done a fairly good job at making the App suitable for the Apple Watch by reducing its size and offering videos on the watch’s tiny screen.

For those who own other iOS devices, Vine is updating its App with a new video exploration feature that recommends you more clips when you swipe left. Every time you swipe left on any video, Vine will show you related clips. This update is currently limited to iOS but, we are hoping that it will be soon available for Android users as well.

You can always download the App right here.

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