Facebook Content Now Available On Google Search


With the rise in new search Apps, Google has been struggling to make sure its search engine remains useful on smartphones.

The Wall Street Journal reports, Facebook has agreed to let Google search and display results from their App. The Google searches from your Android smartphones will now display some public content from Facebook’s App, such as public profile information.The results of your search will take you directly to the content in Facebook’s app rather than a Web page.

However, Google won’t be able to display the locked or private content of the profiles.

“When people search for public Facebook content on the mobile web, those who use Facebook for Android can now click through and go straight to the Facebook app,”  Facebook said in an emailed statement.

Also, a new update of the Google’s search App will now allow you to get answers to more complicated questions. The company recently announced that the Google app can now answer your questions more efficiently as it is able to sort information that you provide categorically and then process this information to come up with a clear answer.

On the Official Google Search Blog, the article by Google’s Product Manager, Satyajeet Salgar states, “The Google app is starting to truly understand the meaning of what you’re asking. We can now break down a query to understand the semantics of each piece so we can get at the intent behind the entire question. That lets us traverse the Knowledge Graph much more reliably to find the right facts and compose a useful answer. And we can build on this base to answer harder questions.”

Google will now recognize superlatives like ‘largest’ or ‘oldest’ and now has a better grasp of time. Hence, it will even be able to answer complex questions that have a specific date or time on them such as “Who was the U.S. President when the Angels won the World Series?”



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