The Connected, TAG Heuer’s Take On Apple Watch

The Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer, on Monday unveiled their smartwatch that was co-created with Intel and Google. This wearable technology is called the “TAG Heuer Connected” and will cost you about $1,500.

Inspired by the company’s Carrera Calibre line, it comes with three digital watch faces. It has a titanium case, a 46mm sapphire crystal display with 240ppi resolution, heavy duty water resistance, and seven colours of  “textured rubber” straps to choose from. Its got 4GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and a built-in lithium battery is said to last a day between charges.

The company says buyers will be able to exchange the titanium-cased device for a special edition analog model after two years if they pay an additional fee of $1,500.

The Connected has an Intel Atom processor beneath its touchscreen that is fully compatible with Android Wear making it highly functional. It also comes equipped with wind and weather monitoring, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a microphone through which you can give commands and exclusive sports-themed Apps such as golf and motor-racing will be available to the users.

TAG Heuer Smartwatch

The watch however, will work with iOS handsets to a limited extent. This reduces the potential market drastically as most of the luxury good buyers use iPhones and not Android devices.

TAG Heuer would be the first luxury Swiss-watch maker to sell a smartwatch running on Android Wear and will compete against Apple Inc who has already sold about seven million pieces of their wearable technology, the Apple Watch, since June.

Here is the official product page.

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