Apple TV App Store Has 1,000 Apps And New Top-Charts Section

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The Apple TV App Store has finally opened up to third-party Apps and we are close to 1,000 Apps on the store now. However, when the Apple TV App launched last week there was a huge discovery issue, Apple included a list of featured Apps but the users could not browse through categories or Top Charts. It was easily assumed that Apple didn’t have enough data to build out categories and rankings but, things have changed now. This morning, users of the new Apple TV noticed a section in the device’s App Store. This section lists the Top Charts and breaks down into Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing Apps, just like the iOS and Mac App Store.

Earlier, due to the absence of any official sources, it had become difficult to say which the top ranking Apps were. Neither did Apple provide any rankings nor did trusted third-party App Store analytics firms like App Annie have any idea.

A few developers such as, Steve Troughton-Smith and Jonas Boserup posted their own lists which suggested that the Top Paid and Top Grossing Apps were primarily dominated by games, a few video-related apps and work-out Apps.

The editor and publisher of SlidetoPlay, also offered his own list of Top tvOS apps and a detailed breakdown by category.

Referring to all these resources it was observed that the Top Paid charts are heavily dominated by games, a feature new to the fourth-generation Apple TV. However, according to the Apple Top Charts, the first place spot is held by Plex, an App that allows you to stream videos from your phone and iPad to your TV. The games Galaxy On Fire, Does Not Commute, Lumino City, and Alto’s Adventure round out the top five paid tvOS apps.

The top free Apps are dominated by media Apps, with Nat Geo TV at the top followed by Fox Now, Showtime, History, and CBS. Finally, the Top Grossing charts are again dominated by games, although Plex leads in this category as well.

In addition, the apps on Apple TV appear to be priced higher than iOS apps, 9to5Mac reported, with most apps being lying between the $5 to $10 range, and very few priced at $0.99 as on the iOS App Store. Hopefully, the prices will gradually fall.

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