Apple Sells Its Official Watch Dock At $79

Apple Dock

Apple is now selling an official Apple Watch Dock at $79. The dock can be used to charge the Watch in an upright position (Nightstand mode) or flat. The circular dock seems to be made out of plastic and has built-in inductive charging disk.

Unlike third-party Apple Watch docks, Apple’s dock doesn’t rely on an Apple Watch cable. Instead, there is a Lightning port at the back of the dock. You just have to plug in the whole dock into a wall charger using the long Lightning cable it comes with. You can place your watch flat on top of the dock with the band undone, as you would on the standard charger it comes with, or you can raise the charging disc and wrap the watch around it to charge in Nightstand mode.

Even though the official Apple Dock is relatively expensive than the third-party Apple watch docks that are available in the market and Apple’s other Official Docks such as Apple’s official iPhone dock which costs $39, neither does it add any new feature to your watch nor does it come with a USB power adapter.

The charging Dock, however looks really nice and should work particularly well if your watch doubles as an alarm clock.

The Apple Watch dock is already available in some Apple stores right now, and on Apple’s website. But, are its sleek looks really worth the $79 price tag?



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