Apple Posts New Guided Tour Video Of Apple Pay

Apple posted a new Guided Tour video on its official YouTube channel to make the consumers familiar with its Pay services. The video that was posted on Friday is a detailed step-by-step guide that highlights the instructions to use Apple Pay and its features on the iPhone 6/6s. Apple says the process is as simple as bringing an iPhone near a compatible reader and touching a registered finger to the Touch ID module.

Apple has previously shared a lot of Guided Tour videos for Apple Watch, however, this is the first video in which Apple has demonstrated the feature on its smartphone.

The video shows how the security benefits offered by iPhone’s fingerprint-sensing technology support the strong encryption protocols built into Apple Pay. A tokenization technology is used by Apple Pay to replace credit card number, CVV, expiration date, billing address and identity data with a token for a specific device and dynamically generated security code. Apple in the video, assures that sensitive account information of Apple Pay users is never transmitted or shared with merchants.

The video demonstrates how you can use the service at compatible checkout terminals in retail locations, as well as use it in Apps for buying goods or services. And also highlights features like the ability to add a credit card connected to iTunes by simply punching in its three-digit security code.

Apple ends the video by reinstating how easy it is to set up Apple Pay and its ease of use.

Apple Pay is now available in the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Studies conducted, however, show a large percentage of users are still hesitant to pay via Apple Pay due to security concerns. As Apple plans to expand this service to Spain, Singapore, and Hong Kong in 2016, we believe, Apple made a pretty smart move by posting a video to educate the consumers and diminish their safety concerns.

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