Apple Looking For Second Manufacturer For The Apple Watch 2


There are reports that suggest, Apple is looking for a second manufacturer to help build their next-generation Apple Watch apart from Quanta Computer. The Cupertino giant is said to be in talks with Inventec, Wistron and Foxconn Electronics to manufacture the Apple Watch 2.

In a recent investor meeting, Quanta’s Chairman, Barry Lam commented that Apple Watch 2 under work and will arrive roughly between April and June 2016. The Chinese media reports following Lam’s statement suggest a small batch of Apple Watch 2 devices would be shipped near the end of second quarter of 2016, while volume shipment will begin in the third quarter.

Apple is said to be concerned as, even after heavily investing in equipment for the device, Quanta is not being able to make as many profits on the Watch as Apple expected it to make. Apple planned on ordering 6 million Watches for the holiday quarter this year but, scaled down to 4 million because of weaker sales. Thought, the reports don’t comment on whether the second manufacturer would work along with Quanta or replace them completely.

As far as the appearance and features are concerned, it is believed that the design of the new Apple Watch will remain almost the same as the previous one, except it may be slightly thinner. Apple’s preview of the watch OS 2 suggests new features such as more clock faces and a Time Travel function, features that offer greater iPhone independence, an added FaceTime camera and a larger battery.

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