Xiaomi Reportedly Working On A 3D Touch-Like Feature Similar To Apple


We all know that this year, Apple introduced their all new 3D Touch, a pressure-sensitive display. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in addition to familiar Multi-Touch gestures like Tap, Swipe and Pinch, has Peek and Pop introduced by the 3D Touch. And when you use 3D Touch, your iPhone responds with subtle taps.

There’s been a new leak by well-known a Chinese tipster on Weibo that suggests that Xiaomi (A Chinese company, known for offering products at a reasonable price) has apparently patented a technology that is almost similar to 3D Touch. This isn’t really surprising as Xiaomi has been known to replicate Apple, whether it’s the MIUI OS that just looks like the iOS or the design aesthetics of their devices that are remarkably similar to those of Apple. In fact, there are reports indicating that they will be coming up with more Apple rip-offs soon.

Also, Samsung patented its own pressure sensitive display technology last year and there are rumours that Xiaomi, Samsung and OnePlus may team up with Synaptics to include a force sensing technology (known as, ClearForce) in their future devices. However, it’s uncertain whether these companies will utilise Synaptics’ ClearForce or build their own new in-house technology.

Despite all the counterfeits and cheaper alternatives, Apple continues to be a hub for innovation and having a huge number of loyal users.