Multiplayer Exciting Puzzle Game – Viva Match Battle for iOS

Viva Match BattleOn a slow boring day with nearly nothing to do and laziness clouding over you, this game is capable enough to give you a morning kick and get you back in full senses. The fast-paced competitive gameplay and the sheer cuteness of the character sends a smile. But this is no child’s play, it’s a hard and fast battle of swipes. The game aims to keep the player hooked and engaged and is very successful in the same.

Content And Features:


The whole objective of the game is to connect three or more same animal figures to earn points. After a set amount of time, the conclusion of the round takes place in a battle between the two animals- players and the one with more points wins the bout.
It’s a best-of-three game with some good animations, a funky jungle/zoo theme and good jumpy music at the background. Add the well polished cute animal figures to the equation and you get the making of a great game for all ages. The three player multiplayer mode feels like the first of its kind for this platform. The game ultimately gives a feeling of accomplishment and awesomeness at the same time, twisting those nerves that connect your fingers to the brain.

Display And Appearance:


The graphics for this one are a tat above decent and the rustic, wooden, jungly texture add to the feel of this game. The intuitive music and the background would definitely remind a panda of its natural habitat. Keeping that in mind I feel the animations could have been better and looks like an area to improve on.

The Verdict:

Overall a great game with addictive gameplay and the multiplayer tops it all. Viva Match Battle! is possibly one of the best ways to kill time while waiting for someone or ultimately forgetting that someone completely. With very slight areas to improve upon, the game looks great.

You can download the game for free from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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