Apple’s Android Version Of Apple Music Is Coming Soon

If rumors are to be believed, the Android version of the Apple Music will debut this fall. This would be Apple’s second venture into App development on Google’s competing mobile platform, the first being a tool to transfer data to iOS devices from Android devices.

A German mobile site, Mobile Geeks, has acquired screenshots of what is seemingly the beta version of Apple Music for Android. The screenshots give a fair idea of what the users can expect: radio streaming, support for browsing and playing the full Apple Music catalogue and Apple has chosen to provide some new features that aren’t seen on the iOS, such as the ability to change the size of the cache used to store offline music.

Interestingly, the main navigation is a slide-out sidebar which more Android-friendly rather than an iOS-like tab bar. However, there’s no clarity on how (or whether) the “My Music” section will tie into iCloud Music Library. The only way to know this would probably be when the App is launched hopefully, as early as next month.