Apple Is Now Accepting tvOS App Submissions For The New Apple TV


With the shipping of the new Apple TV beginning next week, it has a tvOS and features a built-in App Store that offers one-of-a-kind TV experience. Apple is now accepting App and game submissions from its development community.

The developers have been provided with guidelines for creating the Apps, for instance, they’ll need to update their version of Xcode to the latest release of Xcode 7, which includes the latest tvOS SDK, and download and install tvOS GM seed on an Apple TV Developer Kit.
The Apple TV is expected to have features like a touch-sensitive remote, a layered parallax effect on App icons and the Apps can be universally bundled with their iPad or iPhone complements.Capture2
Some Apple TV human interface guidelines have also been put down to get the developers comfortable with the functionality of the new remote control.
As the shipments begin next week, the developers now have approximately a week to get their App ready to be launched on the new tvOS.