Locolist – Your Campus Craigslist For iOS & Android (Review)

Locolist LogoBuying and selling stuff online using websites like Craigslist is like rolling the dice, you don’t know the person you are dealing with and that could result in you having a very bad experience. Locolist eliminates those concerns by connecting college students from the same campus who are interested in buying or selling things. The App is available on iOS and on Android.



Content And Features

A major new feature of Locolist is that it has partnered with Amazon, (Amazon Trade-in to be specific). This means that you get up to 80% more value on your textbooks, CDs/DVDs, games or electronics that you sell using Amazon Trade-in. This feature gives out heavy discounts for buyers as well. The App also promises to be secure as it requires students to sign-up using their @collegename.edu email address. And the only way student buyers and sellers can communicate is through the App’s in-built messaging service, this way no phone numbers or email IDs are exchanged. You are not required to ship or package the products as students can meet in person on campus to exchange products and money.


Display And Appearance

Locolist is very well-built in terms of interface as well as stability. It has a decent orange and white themed layout and organized sections for every category. As soon as you turn the App on, you’re asked to enter your official college email ID- name@yourcollegename.edu. Once that is done, you’re all set to buy/sell anything from/to other students. It takes just seconds to display your product or service for sale – all this done through a clean and organized interface.

Locolist Screenshots2

The Verdict

All the things that you can find on Locolist can also be found on most e-commerce sites. The advantage is that you won’t get killed by Craigslist killers. All-in-all, a useful App.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 5/5

You can download the App here for iOS, and here for Android.

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