Twitter Gets “News” Tab On Mobile

Twitter News

Twitter has started testing a “News” tab feature for its Android and iOS users in the US and in Japan in its quest to keep people using the service longer. The “News” tab has been between the Home, Notifications, Messages and Profile Tabs. A tap on the News icon will bring up a screen that features an image, a block of text from the report and associated tweets. The feature could certainly become a valuable part of the service if it can be customised to focus on the users specific areas of interest – sports, current affairs, music, etc.

There is no time-frame provided as to when this feature will be available. However, if you wish to get an early peek, you can download the beta program from

Twitter currently has about 320 million users, placing it behind rival Facebook, with 1.4 billion users, and very close to Facebook-owned Instagram with 300 million users.

Comment below if you think that this feature will help Twitter scale up its traffic.

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