Notebooks For iOS Devices, Mac And Windows (Review)

NotebooksNotebooks is an application that redefines the traditional notebook, well… technically. In other words, Notebooks is a digital notebook with high functionality. You can simply create documents, write down quick notes, manage your task lists or projects with this App. Basically, everything that requires you to pen down something on a piece of paper, or switch to a number of Apps, can be done and managed by this all-in-one application.

Content And Features

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Notebooks can be used to create simple To-Do lists or managing highly complex projects, showing its versatility. The App comes with fully loaded and buffed up inbuilt features that lets you create and process documents, including converting your documents into PDF. You can create HTML documents and customize it using WYSIWYG editor.

Notebooks not only allows the user to import a number of supported text documents but also import audio and video files. Task Management, yet another important feature that users look into, is included in the App, which in fact is one of its best features. iPad users have an advantage when using Notebook as a sketchbook with the help of an optical stylus or your fingers. Voice memos, synchronization with Dropbox, WebDAV servers and iTunes, convenient gestures, amongst other features are delivered by the App.

Display And Appearance

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Notebooks has a very user friendly interface. Don’t be fooled by Notebooks neat and minimalistic design, which clearly underestimates its functionality. The App is well organized, sections are distinctively separated, fast and responsive, which works great for day-to-day use. You can organize your data by creating separate books for the respective data. Any user new to Notebooks, can get the hang of how to use the App in minutes.

The Verdict

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The App is currently available for iOS, Mac and Windows platforms. You can try the full featured App for a month without any charges before registering for its paid version. Notebooks is an App to download if you’re looking for a replacement for all those Apps for each and every little thing that just consume your device’s memory.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.2/5

You can download the App for iOS here and for Mac and for Windows here.

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