Google Maps Get A New Update For Android

Google Maps

Google Maps for Android is getting an interesting update in its version 9.1, which will allow the users to share My Maps. With My Maps, users could create custom maps which they can now share, owing to the update. There is, however, a provision to hide the elements in the interface as the unnecessary items like the search bar will be taken away from the full-screen mode. So while the search bar and quick-launch for directions are not necessarily the things one would want to share, they can be simply removed with a single tap on screen. Now, in order to get the text entry field and the buttons back, the user needs to tap on the screen once again. However, the turn by turn navigation mode will not work for the features.

The new update also makes it easier to broadcast one’s location or send location pins to friends or groups. It has improved transit directions for certain routes along with providing real time arrival information. There is a new image gallery to hold pictures from a particular location.

Google Maps Screenshot

Other than this it will also be possible to edit the captions of the location tagged Google Photos under “Your Places” option in the map. The update has not been rolled out yet and for anyone really anxious to see what the changes look like, the download is with Android Police.

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