Facebook Lite – For Areas With Poor Network Connection

Facebook LiteIndia sees a larger customer base dedicated to 2G internet service. And since there are areas where even 3G internet refuses to function, staying connected becomes an issue. In answer to the Facebook difficulties concerning poor network, Facebook has released the much awaited Android App for India, Facebook Lite.


Facebook Lite is meant for low-end Android devices as it will be a simplified version of the mobile website. The App has been officially launched in India and in the Philippines. Facebook Lite is for areas which specifically have a poor internet connection or survive on 2G network. The App will soon be made available in parts of Latin America, Europe and Africa, as announced by product manager for Facebook Lite, Vijay Shankar. As for now, it has made its way to countries across Asia.


The App limits data usage for the users in emerging markets where people still use 2G networks, as it uses less than half of a megabyte of data. It does not support advanced location features and video but allows access to the basics such as status update, notifications, News Feed and photos. All devices that run on Android 2.2 or higher will be able to support the new App. Apart from a few changes in icons and font size, the UI is pretty similar to the Facebook Android App. Though it might take a little while for the App to start, it is unlikely for any problems to occur once the user has logged in.

It will be interesting to know what reactions this initiative generates.

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