Excellent Serve! – An Interview With The Developers Of The Championships, Wimbledon

Wimbledon App LogoWell, we might not have been at Wimbledon to share a bowl of strawberries and cream with Drake or been able to bond with Pippa Middleton over glasses of Pimm’s Cup, but the developers of the official App for the tennis tournament don’t want us to miss anything else. Here at TheAppleGoogle, we want to celebrate the wrap of yet another one of these eventful tournaments and in that spirit, we bring you an exclusive interview with the developers of The Champions, Wimbledon!

Congratulations on the success of the App. It is great tool to keep track of the latest happenings at the biggest tennis event of the year. When you created the App, what need did you have in mind that the App was to meet? What was your inspiration behind it?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for fans to keep up-to-date with Wimbledon while on the go, and know how the players they are most interested in are getting on. So we focused it on personalisation of content and also push alerts to try to achieve that, all while designing the app with the context of the beauty of Wimbledon.

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The number of downloads, both for Android as well as for iOS, is mind-boggling. How did you manage to market the App so successfully?

We worked in partnership with both the Apple Store and the Google Play store to market the apps, and we also took advantage of our relationships with our broadcasters to use some of our TV advertising credits.

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As mentioned before, your App is available on Android and on iOS. What has been your experience working with both these platforms?

Both of them have their idiosyncrasies and so we have tried to tailor each app to the best that each platform offers, for example making some changes to this year’s edition for iOS8.

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You have brought out some incredible features this time around. Would you like to talk about a few of the exciting features of your App?

The exclusive real-time scoring, the personalisation and the My Wimbledon feed, the push messaging strategy, the clean and beautiful design, the huge amounts of content.

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One of the features is ‘Fan Feedback’. What kind of feedback do you receive from fans? Is it just as passionate as they are?

Mostly positive, appreciation for the app, but also suggestions for improvements, which allows us to keep on our toes and move forwards.

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Finally, your App has quite a comprehensive and a detailed list of features. We are sure that your dedicated fans would love to know what more do you have in store for future versions of the App.

We’d like to take the personalisation to the next level so that the app continues to strive to be the ultimate Wimbledon companion, and continue to offer more content, even more quickly.

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You can download the App from Google Play here and from Apple’s App Store here.

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