Sonos To Get Apple Music at The End of This Year

SonosThough it may be disappointing for the fans of both Sonos and Apple that Apple Music won’t come to Sonos at the prior’s launch, it is good to know that both the companies are truly dedicated towards making it a reality. The Verge has confirmed that a spokesperson for Sonos has made it clear the company’s multi-room wireless speakers will support Apple Music by the end of this year.

There was a confirmation from the senior director of Apple Music this week, Ian Rogers (the former head of Beats Music), who assured the fans that a new streaming service will soon make it to Sonos. According to him, though it is not going to happen at the launch, it will happen “ASAP”.

Apple Music

Apple Music which is scheduled to launch on June 30th at a price of $9.99 per month, is more focused on mobiles as of now, in accordance with an announcement made previously by Sonos.  As per the announcement, Sonos was going to fully extend their support to the service once they were ready to focus on the home listening experience.

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