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Packing Pro

Packing Pro, the App on iOS platform has been rewarded with honors and ratings ever since its release 6 years back. This App features in Apple’s most views lists like “Staff Favorites”, “Traveling Home” and “10 Essentials”. It has been voted rank 1 in the US list of best Travel Apps. And to top it all it has been finalist for the Best App Ever Awards 2010-2013. It has been featured in the main stream media innumerable times by CNN, Forbes, Fox News, USA Today, New York Times and others, and has been promoted by Apple itself. So basically, it is a famous App which has time and again found its place in the most useful Apps list. This App has the tremendous potential to make the ordeal of packing easy on you. It provides an interesting and easy to use interface which has won hearts over the years.

The recent update on the App which makes it Packing Pro Version 11.0, allows different options for data transfer like Wireless Sharing. There are new list options like Need To Buy and Priority added to the App. Features like dates and list totals have been improved along with bug fixes.

Content And Features

Packing Pro 2

We can all agree on the fact that there is nothing fun about packing but the features in this App can make it really exciting for you. You can create end number of packing lists including all the essential items in it. This App acts as a Reminder to check that you carry all the items you have added in the list and there are no last-minute-panic moments to spoil an enthusiastic journey. The recent updates on dates like reset back to TBD or Departure and Return Date set in the past or future are some of the major developments in the App. It also offers multi-lingual support for major international languages. There are also features like total list which will provide subtotals and totals of complete list and recently packed items.

Design And Appearance

The customization this App offers is another thing that attracts users along with a well-designed UI. You can control how each of your lists look, so that you can quickly identify each one by its appearance. The App provides full customization for different size of Apple devices. The CSV file has been improved and expanded for editing and import-export. The design has undergone improvements to give you a more attarctive view of things, increasing the readability. Now to double check that you have absolutely not forgotten anything, with the Version 8 this App has earned the power to sync all the data in your iOS device. The simplicity of this App is to its advantage and its user friendly appaerance truly eases the burden of packing.

This powerful packing solution is available in the App Store for $2.99 or its equivalent local currency.

The AppleGoogle Rating – 5/5

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