Kurosuke Adventure – Treasure Hunt Game for Android

KAKurosuke Adventure is a game for Android platform which is constantly proving its worth amidst the fierce competition of running arcade games for mobile phones. This game is not only well-designed but the fun and exciting magical experience it involves, makes this App a clear stand-out. This treasure hunting game has some amazingly creative features that will quickly attract the attention of people who are looking for a more vibrant gaming experience.

Content and Features

Kurosuke Adventure

The game allows you to create creatures, which is really interesting and happens to be the main experience of this game. The characters to choose from are all different from each other in terms of their personality and there are about 10 such characters. The characters will have the option of buying different features from the item box and also upgrade themselves with hurdles and skills. This game has at least 20 kinds of endearing pets who will accompany you in your journey and have stories to offer. Yoshi is the villain to avoid who is there to vacuum you and your friends. This game can be easily played and responds well to touch. The features are extremely user friendly, making it simple for the younger users.

Design and Appearance

Kurosuke Adventure2

This game has amazing visuals. The levels are excellently designed which will be a delight for both you and your players. The overall experience seems magical with all options that the game has to offer. The customization choices that this game offers is what makes it different. The characters and multiple cards with magical abilities makes this game a definitive experience. It looks great and is quite engaging for its high quality visuals.

The Verdict

This game will offer you a range of emotions, from frustration to satisfaction, annoyance to optimism and curiosity to bliss. This game will keep you hooked onto itself, with your eyes dancing all over the screen. Therefore, this is a great game and it offers a wonderful experience.

App Cost – $1.99

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 4.5/5

You can download the App here.

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