An Interview With Enormego, LLC – The Developers of Atmos

AtmosAtmos is the first App brought out by Enormego, LLC and has already been on the App Store’s ‘Best New Apps’ list. It is a weather App which is visually stunning and the most user friendly and it is designed for both, your iPhone and your Apple Watch. We got in touch with Enormego and interviewed them about Atmos, it’s development process and their future plans.


Despite there being a few good weather Apps available on the App Store, you chose to develop a new one. What according to you are your competitors lacking?

It seems completely ridiculous to have spent time developing a new weather app. We agreed with that as well and we were really skeptical about starting to build Atmos. However, the reality is that we wanted something that the market just didn’t have. There are lots of great Apps and surely we could have been happy with something else, but we wanted a combination of detailed weather data and user interface simplicity. We felt like no one had really achieved that in a way that satisfied our senses. Those two ideas are constantly competing and it was very challenging to get Atmos to the point it is today, but we feel like we’ve done a great job in building an app that meets the high expectations that we started with.




How did you conceive the idea for the App?

Like almost any project we do, it’s our own desires that spark the idea engine. “I want this…why doesn’t it exist?” is the origin of everything we’ve ever built, and the great part about that is that our passion is at the core of every product with the Enormego name on it. It only exists because we wanted it to exist. 🙂




What has Atmos being featured on the App Store’s ‘Best New Apps’ list meant for Enormego, LLC?

Better sales numbers 🙂 , but it’s also a validation that Atmos is an App worthy of Apple’s attention, and that’s something that’s really been a mark of success.



What is your marketing strategy? What marketing techniques do you use to promote your App in this heavily competitive application space?

We’ve let the app sell itself for the most part. Our marketing strategy is to provide great support, and provide the marketing material necessary to easily get the word out about Atmos. That’s only taken us so far though and we’re well aware that we can do much more to continue getting the word out about our great app (and we plan to do so in the coming weeks).


How long did Apple’s approval process take and how would you describe your relationship with Apple?

The approval process took over 2 weeks and we’re not sure why (we were on pins and needles waiting for an approval), we saw much shorter approval times from other developers, but like all things Apple, there’s always a bit of mystery into how it all works. We haven’t had any issues with Apple as they relate to Atmos and we don’t expect to. We do our best to follow the guidelines that Apple’s set and only push the envelope when we feel like we have to. As expected, Apple’s done well to smooth out the process of selling an application to millions of people.




Lastly, do you have any other projects planned for the future? If so, could you give us a little peek into what they may be?

We’ve been toying with some ideas, but nothing has been settled on just yet. We’re always prototyping and playing around with ideas, but as I mentioned earlier, the mother of invention at Enormego is our own needs and desires, so who knows what we’ll want in 2015. 🙂

You can download Atmos here.

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