Apple Music Launched With iOS 8.4

AMApple showed off its music streaming service, Apple Music, at WWDC 2015 and confirmed 30th June as the release date. The day is here and the world is waiting to take a look at what exactly Apple Music will be bringing to the table. After Apple acquired Beats last year, the company has used the latter’s expertise and technology to create a music streaming service which will be a competition for the rivals like Spotify. It was Beats boss Jimmy Iovine, who unveiled the service at the keynote, as chosen by Apple.

Apple claimed that this music service will not be a complicated mess of Apps and that it is going to be revolutionary in as much as it will have a worldwide live radio station from Apple. Here are the details regarding when to download, what are the features and what will be the price of the music streaming service.


Apple revealed that Apple Music will be coming to 100 countries on 30th June and iOS 8.4 will have it packaged. Mac and Windows will be getting a new version of iTunes and Android users will be able to avail an App for Apple Music; but that is not expected to come out until autumn. As Apple TV announcements were not made in WWDC 2015, the release date of the service is only a rumor but Apple Music will be available on Apple TV later this year.


Now, when will it be available for download? While Apple usually releases its iOS updates at 6PM GMT, the senior director of Apple Music, Ian Rogers is suggesting otherwise. He noted that iOS 8.4 update will be made available by Apple at 8AM Pacific Time, which is 4PM in the UK. So users can download and install the software the update on time to be able to listen to the inaugural Beats 1 Radio show.

As for the price, Apple will stick to its definitive style of offering the service for free at first and then, when they have enough users hooked, it will charge them on a per month basis. Unlike Spotify, it will be up for a free three-month trial, after which the users have to pay £9.99 per month to use Apple Music. They also have a family plan which is interesting because it charges £15 per month allowing 6 family members to have their separate account. However, the only way to use it is with iTunes Family Sharing account.

It would be interesting to see the kind success that might be in store for the service.

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