Apple Won’t Announce Subscription Based TV Service At WWDC

Apple TVIn what could be a huge disappointment for TV viewers, Apple will not launch their streaming TV service this June at the annual developers conference, WWDC. They will have to wait a little longer to ditch their cable as Apple plans to make the big announcement later this year or in 2016. But the new service is most definitely coming and quite soon as Apple has TV Executives lined up to sign a deal with them.

Going by Re/Code, who claims to have spoken to several people who are well-informed about the situation, the launch of Web TV service has been postponed. Apparently it is the process of financial negotiations and the new technology which will get the local programming to Web TV service have caused the delay. It is taking longer than expected to get their necessary licenses from local networks and broadcasters. Apple wants for the biggest broadcast networks across United States to join in on Apple’s desire to include live programming but the problem is in many markets the big networks like NBC, ABC, FOX etc. do not own their local affiliates directly.

Earlier attempts to offer live programming by Sony’s PlayStation Vue has not been able to spread beyond the launch cities and Apple wanting to bring live network streams to a much larger audience is facing the challenges. Its recently launched competitor Sling TV does not provide live service. However Apple is looking forward to distinguish its local channels from Sling.

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