Shift — Create Your Own Filters (Review)

shiftsIf the pre-made filters on Instagram and other photo editors seem monotonous to you, then trying out Shift is what you should do. Made from Pixite LLC, Shift lets you create your own filters through the use of certain elements.

Content and Features



Opening the App for the first time did not have any ‘wow’ factor to it, thanks to the lack of controls. But it would be too harsh to say that the App lacks many. There are three dots to determine the size and shape of the hue, and a shuffle button creates a random size and colored hue. On the bottom left you have two sliders for adjusting the contrast and color of the hue.



If that seems too basic for you, the developers have been smart enough to add an ‘inspiration’ page where you are shown what other users are able to make using only these filters, which might help you to make a new filter by yourself. Not to mention that the usual options of saving and sharing the filters are also present. Finally the non-intrusive ads give some bonus points too.

Display and Appearance



Since it is not a social networking site, a file manager, or any other App that involves endless scrolling, swiping and touching options for a long time, developers have decided to keep shift small, which is a wise choice. There is just one screen with the options as mentioned earlier and an ‘inspiration’ page, along with about us, help, and remove ads.

The Good

– Non Intrusive Ads
– Lot of potential in a few elements
– New concept

The Not So Good

– Lack of controls

The Verdict

We’d certainly recommend Shift to anyone who filters photos before posting them online (who doesn’t these days?), to challenge their creativity and make their own filters. Who knows, if it’s awesome enough, it might be posted in the inspirations page! You can download the App from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 3.5/5

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