Picture Cut Paste — Add A Touch Of Humour To Your Photos (Review)

PictureWant your friends to laugh out loud when you show them some funny pictures? Well, you don’t need to download some anymore! Picture cut paste is an App that serves the dual purpose of adding effects to a photo by either cropping some of the pictures or swapping the faces.

Content and Features

Using the App is pretty simple: just select an image you have, crop a part of it, save it in the temporary space of the App or your permanent storage, as per your needs; choose another image and click the cropped image once to overlay it on the new image. This way you can swap faces to create a funny photo, do some light editing, and even make a family tree! This concept lets you be creative as there are a lot of things you can do using its functionality.


That’s all the good stuff. Now let’s go to the not-so-good stuff. Some images might not be perfectly cropped mainly due to using fingers to crop the images. However, Samsung Galaxy Note Series users can rejoice due to their s-pen functionality which lets them crop using their stylus.

Display and Appearance


The interface is simple and minimal, which explains its small size and responsiveness. However, the App is in its early stages and could use some extra features as well as some tweaks. For instance, there are no labels on any symbol to signify their purpose. Anyone who has never used a photo-editing App before could have trouble navigating and using Picture Cut Paste because of this. For the moment, it’s no biggie and even new users can understand it pretty quick after getting acquainted with it.

The Good

– Lightweight
– Simple Interface
– Things get done quick

The Bad

– Ads are sometimes annoying
– Lack of important text labels

The Verdict


All in all, you cannot go wrong with the App. It’s certainly worth downloading and great images can be made with it through your creativity. And yes, you can share these images to social networks too. Let the world know what you’ve made! You can download the App from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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