Climbing Up The Charts – Moneygrabber! for iOS Developer Speaks (DEVDIALOGUE)

Moneygrabber for iOS

A brand new game – Moneygrabber! has impressed users with its inspirational graphics and unique concept that is all about the moolah (money). With a very unique game concept, the App is being loved by users worldwide and is climbing up the charts. The App also got featured by Apple under “Best New Games” recently. In this exclusive interview, we talk to the developer of Moneygrabber! for iOS – Marten Bruggemann. He shares with us his marketing strategies, some numbers from the game and tips for new developers. You can also ask him any questions in the comments section below and get a reply directly.

1. How did you conceive the idea for the App?

I wanted to make something super simple that could potentially make me money. Like everyone else on the App Store I guess. So I took this basic idea of what iOS apps are usually about and tried to make it ironically blatant in its ambitions. I don’t really see it as being this sharp satire or anything, but it seems to have struck a chord with many of the players, which I’m grateful for.

2. Is this your first game? What are your plans for the future?

I’ve made games before, but this is the first time under my own new flag, Not My Jeans. I’ve been working for children’s app studio Toca Boca for a couple of years and created a lot of nice products there. I’m currently doing some updates for Moneygrabber, adding more objects to unlock and other stuff. I’m also prototyping my next project which will be a flight-based game.

3. What’s your marketing strategy? The game has become extremely popular and is featured by Apple – how did this happen?

I was lucky to get some nice support from people working with Apple who seemed to like my game and what I’ve done before.


4. Can you share some numbers?

Moneygrabber was downloaded 350,000 times during its opening weekend. This means that the players collectively have made more than $350,000,000 in the game!

5. Do you have any tips for new upcoming iOS App developers?

Start small and think about your marketing early on in the project. Think about features in terms of how to spin them in marketing material. Moneygrabber has a lot of fun angles to push with its consumerism/money theme. If you’re a developer chances are marketing isn’t your favorite thing, at least it isn’t for me. But this way of thinking makes it a bit easier at least!

You can get the App for free from here.

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