MapItOut — A Handy Travel Companion (Review)

MapItOutIf you’re bored of your usual iOS Maps or can’t get your Google Maps to do everything that you want, then here is an alternative that is worth trying. MapItOut: Route and Travel Planner is an App that contains all the features of a Map and a Journey Planner and a whole load more. Plan a holiday, find your car, get travel itinerary, all in one little App.

Content and Features

What makes MapItOut a great App is that it’s completely packed with features. If there is anything that you’d want in a travel App you’re guaranteed to find it here. Apart from the usual ability to find a location anywhere in the world, MapItOut can find your parked car, a bar near you, and even beaches and casinos. But what gives MapItOut an upper hand over other similar apps is its ability to mark out places of interest and create the optimum itinerary through all the marked locations. Once you’ve planned your journey, you can also book flights and hotels. In addition to this, you can save the maps and travel itineraries for future reference.


Another great feature of MapItOut is its Run Map. Hit the “Start” button when you start your run/walk/jog, and when you finish hit the “End” button. The App will show the route you took on a map, including the distance you’ve covered.

Display and Appearance


This fantastic App and its many great features are slightly let down by its UI which is not very easy-to-use. It seems that due to the many features it’s difficult to present them all neatly on one screen. Therefore the display looks a bit cluttered. The App can certainly do with a “Help” feature to guide the users on how to use it, as it’s not very clear even after a few attempts. There are also a few bugs, such as sometimes maps don’t get saved, when the itinerary time is displayed you can’t exit out of that screen without exiting the App, on the Run Map tab if you select a chart for “Distance over Time” the App sometimes crashes. However, these seem to be issues that can be fixed easily in future updates.

The Good

– “Find My Car” feature.
– Run Map
– Journey Planner
– “Save Map” feature

The Not So Good

– Cluttered UI
– Bugs

The Verdict


MapItOut is definitely worth trying as an alternative Map and Travel Planner app. Despite the few bugs, the App has a lot of great features which makes it a handy companion. You can download it for only $1.99 from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 3.5/5

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