Free Cleaner 360° — Boost Your Gaming With Junk Cleaning (Review)

free cleanerGaming on android has increased since the release of Jellybean and Lollipop. People can even play PSP games (through an emulator) and Grand Theft Auto on their android smartphones now. But at the same time, limited hardware sometimes causes lag, even in games using under 500MB of memory. Keeping that in mind, Android Antivirus Free have designed Free Cleaner 360° which promises to clean up junk on your phone to speed up your gaming experience.

Content and Features


The interface is divided into three tabs: the first in which you  are shown the RAM statistics (used, free and total memory), with a button at the bottom for one-click boosting. A result popup is also shown which displays the number of processes killed and the amount of RAM freed. The second tab allows you to be more specific where you are provided with a list of all processes running on the phone and you can select individually which ones to kill. This, however, could use some tweaking and calibration by the developers since it is strange to list the system UI and the system launcher under this tab. The third tab displays the total amount of memory, remaining memory and the amount of memory used in the form of a neat circle.

Display and Appearance


The whole App follows a light-blue theme with different colors for different features, which blend in quite well. The 3-tab interface is also a plus as it allows for better categorization. The only thing lacking is a Settings menu so that certain elements of the App can be changed according to users’ preference. Probably, the best thing about this App is the advertisement display. Now, they are included in the App, but in such a manner that it hardly bothers the user, which is a good attempt by the developers to create unhindered user experience.

The Good

– Nice Interface
– Ads are not annoying
– Works Well

The Bad

– Could use some calibration

The Verdict

In the end, Free Cleaner 360° is an App that does what it’s supposed to in an efficient way, thanks to the one-click boost, and also keeps ads to a minimum. A speedier phone in a ~4-5 MB package. No more lags! You can download the App from Google Play Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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