Stop Different iPhones From Ringing At Once

Two iPhones

There are many iPhone users who are facing the problem of getting the same call on different iPhone devices with unique phone numbers. This problem has arisen after users have updated their devices to iOS 8.2 which is the latest version of iOS.

The new feature called “iPhone cellular calls” has been added to Face Time in the latest version of iOS. When users use the same Apple ID or Cloud ID in different iPhone devices they face the issue of receiving the same call on the different phones. To resolve this problem users either have to toggle off Face Time iPhone cellular calls or have to use different Apple ID or Cloud ID on different devices.

The first solution regarding disabling iPhone cellular calls can be used when users are willing to disable Handoff between their phones and Macs. When this setting is disabled, you will no longer be able to receive iPhone calls on your Mac, but Face Time audio calls and video chats will continue to work. To disable this setting follow the steps below:

This will now stop multiple iOS devices ringing at the same time.


Image: oxsdaily

The second solution, which is a more permanent solution, is to get a unique Apple or Cloud ID on different iPhone devices. With the new feature, Face Time detects the unique Apple or Cloud ID which causes it to ring on multiple devices. To resolve this users can log out of the old ID and create a new one. However, by logging out of the old ID the users will lose access to the shared contacts, photos, video and also purchased applications. Users will need to again purchase the same applications using the new Apple ID.

According to what suits you most, you can use either of the above solutions to get rid of the problem of your multiple iPhones ringing at the same time.

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