Is Nexus 6 Worth Buying?


So Google has launched Nexus 6 — made in partnership with Motorola — along with its new OS Lollipop (More to come on that soon. Watch this space!) The new Nexus is designed to show off the dramatic new look of the OS — Material Design — and also its other capabilities. But is the new phone really better than the previous Nexus? If you’re looking for an Android phone, is this the one to buy?

Nexus 6 comes with a massive display of 5.9”. The size maybe a problem for a few, but satisfies all the customers who are looking for a phablet. Four inches bigger than iPhone 6 Plus, it’s clearly designed to be a competitor of Apple’s new phones and iOS 8. Although it will be hard to get Apple’s fans to switch, Android lovers who have been looking for a bigger phone may not need to look any further. Nexus 6 is the largest phone released by Google, larger even than Samsung Note 4 and LG G3. It may not be suitable for one-handed operations (people looking for that should go to Apple), but the large screen with Quad HD display and Adreno 420 GPU makes watching films and playing games an amazing experience.

Big size also means room for more memory. The phone has 3GB RAM and a choice of up to 64GB storage. A Snapdragon 805 quad-core 2.7GHz processor makes it an incredibly fast phone with the ability to run multiple Apps simultaneously without affecting the performance. A 3220mAh battery, a Turbo Charger, and Lollipop’s own batter-saving features mean you can keep the phone going for six hours after charging it for just 15 minutes. Other fantastic features include a 13 megapixel camera and dual front-facing speakers which provide immersive stereo sound.

All the above features indeed make for an attractive phone. Anyone looking to upgrade their existing Android phone this Christmas will not be disappointed with Nexus 6. However, the one thing which may deter customers is the price tag of $649, almost 1.5 times that of Nexus 5. But the cost is still competitive compared to other phablets, such as Note 4 and LG G3.

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