Inbox Messenger For iOS — A One-Stop Messaging App

inbox messengerInbox Messenger combines the secrecy of Snapchat, the conversation-style messaging of iMessage, and the cellular-free texting of WhatsApp. With several interesting and useful features, it is the perfect App for modern day texting.

Content and Features

Inbox Messenger is your one-stop messaging tool. Sign up with a username and you’re ready to go. Sent a text that you wish you hadn’t? Just swipe and delete. The message will be erased from all the phones, including the App’s own servers. Need to have a private conversation in a crowded train? Just shake your phone and you’ll enter “Privacy Mode.” All the messages will be hidden. To view them just tap and hold. “Privacy Mode” also syncs the screens of all your friends included in the conversation so they will be alerted to the fact that something sensitive is coming up. With Inbox Messenger you can also have a group conversation with perfect ease. And why stick to just words, when you can send videos, photos, voice messages and even drawings?


Inbox Messenger offers other great features, such as knowing when the recipient has read your message, adding location to your texts, and, most importantly, being informed if someone has taken a screenshot of your texts. You can learn all the Tips and Tricks in the Settings, including how to invite your friends.

Display and Appearance


Inbox Messenger’s minimalist UI allows free-flowing conversations, which is what a texting App should be all about. The screen displays only as much information as is needed, with all the extra stuff only a tap away. Hit the “+” button and start talking to your friends. Each message is marked with a blue or red ring to inform you if it has been delivered or not. Tap and hold to get the timestamp of the messages. All conversations are listed on a single screen for easy access.

The Good

– Everything in one messaging App
– Ability to send drawings and voice messages
– Privacy Mode
– Ability to completely erase sent messages
– Clean UI

The Not So Good

– A snappier name would have made the App more attractive to users.

The Verdict


Inbox Messenger takes care of all your messaging needs in this one clever App. If you are after a good texting App you don’t need to look any further. All it needs now is for more people to sign up and grow the Inbox Messenger community. The App is free to download from iTunes.

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