Google Forces Amazon To Launch New Android App

amazonAmazon has launched its new app on Google Play called Amazon Shopping after being forced into this move by Google. The new app provides the same functionality as the old one but without access to Amazon’s app store. In September, Amazon had updated its app to include access to its app store and games. But, as we know, Google doesn’t like the idea of allowing users instant access to competing apps.

Initially, Amazon was able to convince that its ‘primary’ aim didn’t involve offering apps, which helped it to enjoy its competing status for a while. However, Google discarded the use of the word ‘primary’ in the Play Store Agreement, which left Amazon with two options:

  1. Upgrade its app and withdraw access to its Appstore.
  2. Add a new app which complies with terms and conditions of the Play Store agreement and replace the old app

Amazon made the smart decision of choosing the second option, as its old App would remain on the devices of all the users who had already downloaded it. This means they’d continue to have access to its Appstore, Prime Instant Video Player and the whole digital inventory.

Amazon Google Play App

There is a lot of discussion regarding Google’s interference which bans any form of competition. Different people, of course, will have different views on this issue. What’s your take on this? Is Google right or is Amazon?

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