Top 5 Yosemite Features

yosemiteWith Yosemite Apple has introduced a lot of new features, most of which have proven to be exciting and helpful. This article outlines the five favorite features of TheAppleGoogle team. Some of these were announced by Apple during WWDC, while others are hidden away.

1. Flyover View


Similar to iOS 8, with Yosemite you can now view cities in Maps in the Flyover mode. 90 cities and landmarks are supported under standard Flyover, such as London, San Francisco, and Mount Rushmore. Of these, over 40 locations can be viewed with 3D Flyover Tour.

2. Markup


Markup is an exciting new feature of the Mail app which allows users to annotate images and PDF files attached to e-mails. This feature is available only when composing a mail or replying to one. To access the tools, hover the mouse on the button in the top-right corner of the attached image or PDF file and select “Markup.” You can use this toolbar to draw shapes and add text to your attachments.

3. Make phone calls through your Mac


One of the most talked about features of Yosemite is Continuity, the ability to use your Mac in synch with an iOS device. Working on your Mac while your phone rings in the other room? No problem. Just click on the screen and answer the call. You can even make phone calls directly through your Mac.

4. Instant Hotspot


Another Continuity feature, Instant Hotspot makes it easier to use your iPhone as an internet hotspot for your Mac. The security has been replaced by ensuring both the devices are signed into the same iCloud account. Just enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and you’re ready to use internet on your Mac using your iPhone.

5. Add signatures via trackpad


A less-talked about but a very useful feature of Yosemite is the ability to use your trackpad to add signatures to PDF files when attached to e-mails. You no longer need to scan a hard copy with your signature. Just scribble your signature with the tip of your finger.

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