Steve Jobs Wins Patents After His Death

steve jobsSteve Jobs’ success continues even after his death in October, 2011 from pancreatic cancer. As Jobs’ inventions make their way through the US Patent and Trademark Office, he has been awarded 141 new patents since his death, reports MIT Technology Review.

Jobs’s patent documents are a record of Apple’s history from startup to one of the world’s largest companies. His first patent, won in 1983, is titled simply “Personal Computer.” One of the newest, filed after his death and approved in August, covers the design of the dramatic glass cube that’s the entrance to Apple’s store on Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan.

Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook’s name hasn’t appeared on any patent, while 458 patents and designs have been credited to Jobs. Some critics, including the author of  Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs, believed that Apple would fade away without the guidance and vision of Steve Jobs. But this has clearly been proven wrong by the latest record breaking market cap figure of Apple stocks.

However, a criticism levelled at Jobs is that even though some inventions were not his, his name has been included on the patent alongside a number of others who made a more significant contribution. This criticism was rejected by Tim Wasko, developer of the interface for Apple’s QuickTime player and the iPod, who says,

“[Jobs] had useful comments, suggestions, and it’s worthy of him being on the patent.”

But even more surprising is the fact that patents are being filed under Steve Jobs’ name even after his death.

like a 260-foot super yacht, Venus, that he commissioned and helped design.

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