HTC Made Nexus 9 Announced

nexus9It seems HTC is back in the Nexus game, as Google just announced the Nexus 9, manufactured by HTC, being it’s second Nexus device after the original HTC Dream. The device’s body ratio somewhat resembles one you’d find on an iPad. It boasts a beastly Tegra K1 Processor for a super fluid general and gaming experience. The WiFi version has internal storage of wither 16, or 32GB, whereas the 4G LTE version comes with 32 GB.

They also designed a keyboard case specifically for the device:


“And since more and more people want to have the same simple experience they have on their tablets when they have to do real work, we designed a keyboard folio that magnetically attaches to the Nexus 9, folds into two different angles and rests securely on your lap like a laptop.”

The tablet is designed to be “small enough to easily carry around in one hand, yet big enough to work on.”


Hands-on video:

Priced a lot lower than this year’s Nexus 6, at $399, the tablet will be available for Pre order starting the 17th of October, and will go on sale on November 3. The Nexus 9 will be available in 3 different colors.

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