Apple Pay Training Starts For Retail Employees And Partners


Apple Pay, a new mobile payment service by Apple, for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch that utilises the phone’s NFC and Touch ID sensor is about to launch soon. To have a smooth launch for the service Apple has started the Apple Pay training program for its retail store employees and retail partners. 9to5Mac has sourced the training material from a reliable source that gives the detailed information about Apple Pay, setting it up and transaction processes at both ends, i.e. customer iPhones and in Apple retail stores.

Users can link up to eight credit or debit cards with the Apple Pay service by going to settings and then adding them either through iTunes account or by scanning them through the camera. Credit/Debit Cards can be added through Passbook too. For every linked card the user can access a number of features, like checking the transaction list, option to turn on push notifications, and quick contact details. For a card that has expired, Passbook will automatically update the information with the new expiration date without the need for any manual entry.


Apple Store purchase receipts will not carry details like customer’s contact information or the credit card number, but for further clarity or future reference will have the last four digits of iPhone’s Apple Pay ID. For a customer wanting to return an item at the store, user simply needs to hold an iPhone near a payment terminal that will list the latest transactions.

In case the Apple Pay service is not functioning as it should, retail employees would be able to diagnose the problem by using the “Apple Pay Demo” diagnostic software. If the issue is not device related customers will be referred to their financial institutions.


Ahead of its launch, Apple is making retail store employees go through an hour of mandatory Apple Pay training this week. The service has already been launched at its Caffe Macs cafeteria that is located in its 1 Infinite Loop headquarters.

An iOS 8 update which is expected soon will add the service to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

(Via 9to5Mac, MacRumors)

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