Which Android Wear Smartwatch Do You Want?

android wearWhile the Apple Watch has caused a lot of sensation, not least because of the hype and media-coverage that generally surrounds Apple products, there have been some pretty good Android Wear Smartwatches already in the market for a few months now. Both types of watches — Apple Watch and Android Wear — require the user to have a compatible device to make the most of the accessory. So it’s very likely that iPhone users will want the Apple Watch which is due to be released in 2015, while Android users would go for Android Wear. But we are TheAppleGoogle after all, and it’s our job to make sure that our readers have full knowledge of both Apple and Google devices and accessories which are in the market. After that, it’s your choice.

There are currently three Android Wear devices in the market which are available for purchase from Google Play. All these watches are quite a lot cheaper than Apple Watch, the starting price of which is $349. These smartwatches are:

1. Gear Live (From $200)

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This smartwatch from Samsung boasts a 1.63” Super AMOLED display which is visible even in direct sunlight and a 2 mega-pixel camera in the higher-end watches. A beautiful device with a rectangular display, it is available in Black and Wine Red from Google Play. The Samsung website offers more colours and choices: Wild Orange, Mocha Grey, Rose Gold, etc. The display is always on and you can see more information with just a touch. Water and dust-resistant, the device comes with its own pedometer and heart rate monitor. The only slight flaw with the watch is its flimsy charging clip, but users have complained and we hope Samsung will soon rectify this problem.

2. Moto 360 ($250)

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Probably the best Android Wear watch at the moment and the most expensive of the three, Motorola’s smartwatch sets itself apart with a circular face. Moto 360’s best feature is definitely its wireless charging. The display is fitted with Gorilla glsss to make it as scratch-proof as possible for daily use. Similar to Gear Live, Moto 360 also has a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor. The device is currently available in black and grey leather straps, but light and dark stainless steel bands with complimenting case designs are set to be released very soon.

3. G Watch ($230)

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LG’s G Watch has a powerful battery that sees it running the whole day long. Its slim design also makes it a comfortable choice for wrist-wear. The straps come in some really stylish design and colours, such as yellow, orange, and spotted green, while the frame itself is available in Black Titan or White Gold. Similar to the above two, the watch is water and dust-resistant and has a display which is always on. The downside of this watch is its lower-resolution display.

Other Android Wear watches which are yet to be released are: LG G Watch R and the ASUS ZenWatch.

All the above devices benefit from Android Wear OS. Its “OK Google” feature allows the user to just speak to the watch and get the answers without having to touch it, such as sending text messages or finding out what time your flight departs. Other interesting and useful features include appointment notifications, text messages, weather updates, fitness tracker, etc. Popular Apps, like WhatsApp, Lyft, Runtastic and Facebook are also available. The watches also benefit from the customisability of Android, with many developers creating sensational Apps especially aimed at smartwatches.

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