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emailOne task that we perform very frequently on our devices is accessing our Email. And while Android devices typically come installed with the official Gmail App and/or a custom Email App made specifically for the device by the OEM, there are a lot of third party solutions out there on the Play Store that work just as well, if not better. After hours of testing multiple Apps and comparing features, we have selected our Top 3 third Party Email Apps for Android with detailed reviews of each of them, presented in no specific order:


4/5 Stars on the Play Store

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Developed by Dropbox, Mailbox focuses on one thing: simplicity of usage, and is the best at it. With a very simple interface, all possible email actions are condensed down to swiping right or left.

The Good:

– It has a very sleek and neat interface, much like the Dropbox App.
– It is extremely easy to manage mail: simply swipe left to set a reminder for an email or add it to a list (replacement for folders), or swipe right to archive or delete it. Swipe right from the edge of the screen to bring up the main menu where you can view your individual inboxes, combined Mailbox, Lists, ‘Later’ Email, Archives, Deleted Emails, Sent Emails, and Spam Emails, as well as a search box and Help.
– You can set rules to automatically move emails from a specific sender or conversation to a list, reminders, archives, or delete it.
– Your multiple Gmail accounts are sync’d with your Dropbox account once you register, so you’ll simply need to login with your Dropbox account and you will be signed in to your Google accounts in the App as well.

The Not so Good:

– Mailbox is currently only limited to Google Accounts (Gmail) and iCloud.
– From your device you can only attach images. To attach any other file format that item needs to be on Dropbox, and the App will attach the Dropbox link to your Email.
– In your unified Mailbox the emails are not colour coded by account, so it can be difficult to tell at a glance which email belongs to which account.
– You cannot use the folders provided by Gmail, instead they are replaced by Mailbox’s own Lists.
– While you can choose to perform actions on Emails individually, or all at once, there is no option to select specific emails.


Mailbox is a solid Email client. With its simplicity and swipe actions, it is a definite contender for the best App for Gmail (and iCloud). And while I hope they add support for other Email services, as well as proper attachments in the future, it still serves me well as my daily Email App.

Our Rating:



4.5 Stars on the Play Store
Version 5.1.3


CloudMagic is an award winning Email client for Android that focuses more on functionality and integration of your Email with others services. It does this through a system of ‘cards’ for other Apps.

The Good:

– Supports a ton of Email services: Google, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, and IMAP Accounts.
– You can keep multiple accounts at once, and it has a unified inbox as well.
– It has a minimalistic and appealing interface which is easy to navigate.
– You can get added security by locking the App with a passcode.
– In the unified inbox Emails are colour coded by account, so you can tell at once whether an Email is from your work account or home account.
– You have access to all the custom and predefined folders on your Email Accounts.
– You can set reminders for Emails to read later.
– You can select individual, specific, or all your Emails to perform batch actions.
– Swiping left on an Email reveals a few quick actions: archive, delete, or mark as read.
– It has the option to Pinch and Zoom your Emails like you would with a PDF.
– You can attach just about everything to your Emails from your device.
– Your Email addresses are backed up to your CloudMagic account, so you need only login with that, and it will automatically sign you in to all your Email services, once you’ve initially registered.
– Swiping right from the edge of the screen reveals the main menu where you can access all Inboxes or any of your Email accounts. Tapping the arrow icon next to an Email account displays all the different folders associated with it.
– Within an Email you can tap the ‘Cards’ button to access a list of Third Party Apps supported in card form. You can choose from a bunch of them and re-order them as you please. Tapping on any one of these cards will allow you to share or add your Email to that App. For example, you could add the ‘Todoist’ card to your list. Then tapping it within an Email will automatically add a task with the details to your Todoist account. Very useful.

The Not so Good:

None we could find.


CloudMagic might just be the best third party App for all Email services out there with all the features you need and then some. With a beautiful and simple interface and ease of usage, it’s a keeper.

Our Rating:


4.5/5 Stars on the Play Store
Version 2.1.2


SolMail is an Email client focused on providing all essential features, but with a bit for customization and quite a lot of aesthetic appeal.

The Good:

– Supports a lot of Email services: Google, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Daum, and others.
– Features a Unified Inbox.
– Emails are colour coded according to the Email accounts they were sent to.
– The interface has been exceptionally designed. It looks magnificent and is very pleasing to the eye.
– You can perform batch actions with Emails.
– It features filters, allowing you to only display Emails that are ‘Important’, that have attachments, Unread Emails, and those addressed ‘To me’. What is special about this feature is that you can select any one or a combination of these filters, allowing you to find exactly the sort of Emails you are looking for.
– You can access the folders associated with your Accounts. They are better integrated as a drop down list in the main menu, to hide when you want them out of sight.
– You can attach pretty much anything to Emails from your device.
– There is the option to set a swipe feature for either Archiving or Deletion. Simply swipe left on an email to perform this.
– When you swipe right to access the main menu you can select between your accounts or the unified inbox and access all your folders from there as well.
– You can easily empty your Spam or Trash folder by tapping the ’empty’ button beside the respective folders.
– SolMail also features a ton of fun stickers you can add to your Emails as images to spice them up.

The Not so Good:

There are no options for reminders/Read Later on Emails.


A brilliant and well-rounded Email App focused on cosmetic appeal. Has all the essentials and more, and the only thing that is missing is reminders.

Our Rating:

*App Versions, prices, and descriptions were accurate at the time of writing this article.

What do you think? Do you use or plan to use any of these Apps? Or do you prefer another? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • cnorris

    how about nine and mailwise? Two good ones as well

    • talhaismail98

      We’ll check them out, thank you 🙂

  • KERR

    No screenshots or embedded videos for 2 of 3 apps??

    • talhaismail98

      Was a small hitch on our part, post has been updated.

  • KERR


    • talhaismail98

      Added videos to the post 🙂 Thank you.

  • sgarrand

    I dislike that CloudMagic does not have the ability to mark e-mail as spam. SolMail does. This may be a differentiating factor.

  • chenny

    I agree with cnorris – Mailwise is great! You should definitely check it out:

  • Holger

    Checkout Bluemail.

  • edfranco1

    I’ve actually tried several before realizing that there are limitations with almost all. I really like to customize and have that extra feature that helps me out with email sending etc. my conclusion is that BlueMail gives me almost everything and does it best. I suggest the person who wrote this try it out and come back and write there review.

    • Bryan Jones

      FYI Bluemail has been renamed to “Email Type Mail” I’ve used Cloudmagic, Mailwise, and now Email Type Mail. They’re all great app’s, with each having their own stand out feature. I wish I could combine all 3.

      Great article/reviews btw talhaismail!!

  • brownam09

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  • MadelineMullins

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    • ronaldo09

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