Stealth For iOS — Play The Assassin (Review)

stealthStealth is a captivating stealth and action-based game that features a female assassin on a rescue mission to free imprisoned members of her clan. The App Store has been in dire need of an exciting, top-of-the class stealth game. With Stealth now available for download after 18 months of development, Nicolas Liatti, the App’s developer, has done the App Store a big favour. Codenamed “Project S” during its inception stage, Stealth is undeniably a game that lives up to its name!

Content and Features


With a wide array of exciting features and multiple levels, Stealth revolves around stealthily sneaking up on your enemies and single-handedly exterminating them without activating any alarms and traps. The game begins with you as an assassin barely equipped with a bow and a couple of arrows. Successfully completing any particular mission requires you to anticipate your enemy’s movements and keep off from their field of view and patrol routes as you await the perfect moment to launch a stealth attack.


Apart from bows and arrows, Stealth also has other weapons that are collected as you proceed, making the game very interesting. My personal favourite is the melee dagger, an effective stealth weapon, used to quietly slit your enemies’ throats. Apart from exterminating your enemies, the game also requires you to solve puzzles and do some “detective” work as you investigate why your clan members were unlawfully imprisoned. The  different types of environments in the game include a forest, canyons and a heavily guarded castle housing the jail which has to be infiltrated. Stealth also has an enabled Game Center support that allows you to share your achievements with other gamers.

Design and Appearance


Stealth has a remarkable gaming interface. The game’s controls include an invisible and virtual joystick that begins to function as soon as you tap on the bottom-left of the main screen. Similarly, the game also has a context-sensitive button placed at the bottom-right of the main screen that allows you to perform various actions, like stealth kills, throwing punches, pulling levers, opening doors and so on.  Switching between various modes of game play, such as from stealth mode to making a run can be done with just a double-tap.


The game’s visuals are simple with the top-left of the screen displaying a mini-radar that shows your position as well as enemy’s field of view. Below the mini-map, the game shows the number of opponents in your vicinity. In addition to the mini-map, the game’s display also includes a green health status bar and a pause/play button that are visible on the screen’s centre and top-right respectively.

The Good:

* Exciting Stealth and Action Game.
* Simple Gaming Interface
* Optimized context-sensitive controls.
* Game Center Support

The Not So Good:

* No support for In-App purchases.

The Verdict!


If you enjoyed playing stealth games, like Metal Gear Solid and Tenchu back in the days, you will love Stealth. In fact, if playing stealth games makes your day, the game is definitely a good choice that takes about 3-4 hours to complete. At the moment, the game is discounted by 50% and is selling for only $1.99. Get it quick from the App Store!

The AppleGoogle Rating: 4/5


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